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タイトル: 1881-1885年のアメリカ茶葉市場における日中緑茶競争 ―日本領事報告を中心に―
タイトル(その他言語/よみかな): The Competition between Chinese Green Tea and Japanese Green Tea in American Market from 1881 to 1885 ―Based on the Report of Japanese Consul to the U.S.
著者名: 趙, 思倩
著者の別表記: ZHAO, Siqian
キーワード: アメリカ茶葉市場
関西大学(Kansai University)
論文発行年月日: 2015年11月1日
出版者: 関西大学大学院東アジア文化研究科
雑誌名: 文化交渉 東アジア文化研究科院生論集
巻: 5
開始ページ: 147
終了ページ: 173
抄録: Before Japanese green tea gained access to the American market, Chinese green tea essentially held a monopoly over the entire U.S market. Without any doubt China at that time was the major exporter of green tea to the U.S., with a market share of more than 90%. However, since the introduction of Japanese green tea into America in 1868, the predominant position of Chinese green tea became weakened. As Japanese tea began to share the market with Chinese tea, the competition between these two countries became more and more fierce, reaching its peak in the 1880s. New York and San Francisco were the largest trading ports in the U. S. and a large amount of imported tea was traded and transferred there. This paper, through examining a report of the Japanese Consul to the U.S., will examine the competition between Chinese green tea and Japanese green tea at these two ports
内容記述: 東アジアの歴史と動態
資料種別: Departmental Bulletin Paper
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10112/10022
ISSN: 2187-4395
著者版フラグ: publisher
出現コレクション:文化交渉 東アジア文化研究科院生論集-第5号


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