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タイトル: Uniqueness of Cumulative Causation in J.R. Commons’s Institutional Economics
著者名: KITAGAWA, Kota
著者の別表記: 北川, 亘太
キーワード: J.R. Commons
Institutional Economics
Cumulative Causation
Kansai University
論文発行年月日: 2015年6月10日
出版者: Recherche & Régulation
開始ページ: 1
終了ページ: 22
抄録: This article shows the uniqueness of cumulative causation in J. R. Commons's Institutional Economics (IE). It highlights the following three points. First, it establishes causation from the perspective that trans-action is maintained as the focus of both institutional change theory and value theory. Second, the article views conflict as instances of creativity and innovation, that is, momentum for institutional evolution. Conflict is an inexhaustible force of co-evolution of the relationships of participants over transactions, value, and the working rules that coordinate them. Third, conflict places will in trans-action as the driver of the evolution of institution and value. With regard to the evolution presented by IE, this article emphasizes that the will performs actively in negotiation, that is, will in trans-action which is not standalone authoritative will. Collective action is the regulator of value theory in IE and the power that drives collective action is will in trans-action. Thus, cumulative causation in IE contains the possibilities that the will in trans-action brings innovative consequences, which is institutional evolution.
内容記述: International Conference Research & Regulation 2015, Paris, 10–12 June, 2015
JSPS KAKENHI (Grant-in-Aid for JSPS Fellows) Grant Number 13J03386
資料種別: Conference Paper
著作権等: This paper is made available with the permission of Recherche & Régulation
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10112/10737
著者版フラグ: publisher


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