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タイトル: The roles of information and communication technology in solutions offering: The concept of JCT-enabler and value creation activities
著者名: NISHIOKA, Kenichi
著者の別表記: 西岡, 健一
キーワード: service innovation
service oriented approach
Kansai University
論文発行年月日: 2013年3月
出版者: Faculty of Commerce, Kansai University
雑誌名: Kansai University Review of Business and Commerce
巻: 14
開始ページ: 43
終了ページ: 73
抄録: Information and communication technology (JCT) is used in every value chain activity, including upstream procurement, internal production, downstream sales, and customer services. However, the theoretical and practical contributions of ICT to businesses have not yet been clarified. Through a literature review, this article attempts to (1) show the theoretical contributions of ICT and (2) clarify the roles of JCT in the context of a service-oriented approach under a business-to-business setting. The literature review shows that the resource-based view appropriately explains the roles of JCT. The review also indicates that JCT can be regarded as an enabler that has indirect rather than direct effects on firms'activities. Specifically, we identified four roles of JCT as an enabler in terms of offering superior value to customers. These findings contribute to both the emerging theory of service innova-tion and the management of value creation in business marketing.
資料種別: Departmental Bulletin Paper
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10112/11005
ISSN: 13448455
書誌レコードID: AA11662421
著者版フラグ: publisher
出現コレクション:Kansai University Review of Business and Commerce-No.14


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