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タイトル: Enriching Interactional Space Nonverbally: Microanalysis of Teachers’ Performance in JFL Classrooms
著者名: IKEDA, Keiko
著者の別表記: 池田, 佳子
論文発行年月日: 2011年4月
出版者: American Association of Teachers of Japanese
雑誌名: Japanese Language and Literature
巻: 45
号: 1
開始ページ: 195
終了ページ: 226
抄録: This study examines JFL classroom discourse data qualitatively in order to investigate how the instructors and learners in the classroom project their talk as publically shared to obtain “transparency of understanding” (LeBaron and Koschmann 2003) among each other. The data set for this study contains approximately 450 minutes of JFL classes at several universities in North America. Four different teachers participated in this recording, and all the data were video-recorded. Applying conversation analysis with a multi-modal microanalytic perspective to examine the data set, it portrays the interconnection among verbal (e.g., turn design and manner of delivery of the turns) and nonverbal embodiments (particularly the use of body emplacements and gestures). This paper captures the moment-to-moment development of the instructors’ actions in order to delineate the ways by which their talk, even when it was initially addressing a focal student, is eventually made accessible to all the participants present in the classroom. In a foreign language context like the classrooms examined in this study, the limited interactional opportunity is an unsolved challenge. This study claims that the instructors’ actions can make a difference in increasing the interactional encounters.
資料種別: Journal Article
著作権等: (C) American Association of Teachers of Japanese We obtained permission to copy from the copyright owner: American Association of Teachers of Japanese. We have also been permitted to deposit the pictures in the article to our depository from the owner.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10112/6917
ISSN: 15367827


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