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タイトル: 狩野探幽《雪中梅竹鳥図》における「折枝画」的性格について
タイトル(その他言語/よみかな): The Study about Elements of 'Sesshiga' in "Sechūbaichikuchōzu" by Kanō Tan'yū
著者名: 石田, 智子
著者の別表記: ISHIDA, Tomoko
キーワード: 狩野探幽
論文発行年月日: 2013年3月27日
出版者: 関西大学大学院東アジア文化研究科
雑誌名: 東アジア文化交渉研究
巻: 6
開始ページ: 159
終了ページ: 176
抄録: The paintings by Kanō Tan'yū in Jōrakuden of Nagoya Castle are referred as good examples that have the characters of the Kanō Tan'yūs style. They are also recognized as masterpiece in the Edo period. Therefore, this paintings are important in Japanese Art history. Of the paintings by Tan'yū of Nagoya Castle, "Sechūbaichikuchōzu" is the best example of Tan'yū style because it has much space in its background. In this thesis, I analysis this painting and "Sechūchikurinkyūjakuzu" which is the pair of it. Especially, I argue that Tan'yu used the composition of 'sessiga' which is painted in South Asia in this painting.
資料種別: Departmental Bulletin Paper
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10112/7641
ISSN: 18827748
著者版フラグ: publisher


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